The Journey of Wellfulness LLC

Wellfullness founders, Michael and Anne Tucker, have been helping people online for over a decade. Michael is a seasoned programmer who has produced over 100 million answers for specific problems with his online calculators. Together with his partner Anne, they founded duringpregnancy.com, calculateconvert.com, bodycalculate.com and Wellfulness LLC.

Wellfulness LLC, is the mother company of the three online brands, with a family of iOS and Android apps in development.

The Wellfulness brand’s mission, is to help people achieve wellness, fulfillment, and mindfulness.

Join the Tucker’s in their quest to help people, one calculator at a time.


Michael Tucker


Michael Tucker, our founder and lead developer, is a passionate calculator creator with a talent for crafting innovative and user-friendly tools. With his expertise, he especially enjoys planning and creating calculators with a practical purpose.

Anne Tucker


Anne, our co-web designer, fashion writer, researcher and graphic designer, has many skills but design is her most loved. She is involved in all aspects of the Wellfulness family.

Sharon Tucker

Content Editor

Sharon Tucker, our co-writer and co-content editor authors a wide range of health-related and technical articles on our site.

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